Monday, January 21, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew we had pigeons this far into the suburbs?

Rock doves (pigeons)

I wasn't sure these were pigeons at first, as I couldn't find ones that looked quite like these in my field guides. Then, I found the PigeonWatch page, which describes a variety of the pigeon color morphs. It looks like I've got some checker pigeons here, with a few spreads and a couple whites.

Rock doves (pigeons)

I took a drive down to Gougar & Laraway Roads this afternoon. I've driven past the farms there dozens of times, and always think to myself that it would make a good photo. I'm not sure I captured what I see in my mind's eye, but at least I have proof of existing wide open space, until the land gets sucked into the vacuum of residential and commercial development.

Farm on Laraway Rd.

I've got my camera set to capture in Adobe RGB 1998 again. Recall my experience over the summer, where I thought the colors were too muted. However, if I'm capturing more color data with Adobe RGB, then that's the way I want to go. It seems silly not to. I'm exporting as PhotoPro RGB, which is supposed to be an even larger color gamut. Exports in sRGB still look more vibrant to me, but not much different from PhotoPro RGB. This color management thing is quite frustrating, because it seems you need to export in one profile for viewing on a monitor (sRGB) and another for printing (PhotoPro). What if you want to be able to do both? You either suffer mediocre results on one medium or the other, or have to export everything twice, in two different formats. If anybody has figured out the path to color management enlightenment, please let me know, as I'm still struggling with it.

Seeing the smoke billows in the winter cold always make it seem colder outside.

Billows in the cold

Snow makes it seem colder, too.


As do dead twigs.


Fly away, pigeons. It will be warm again someday.

Rock doves (pigeons)

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