Thursday, January 17, 2008

Preparing for the Big Chill

Oh, birdies, get ready. The temperature is about to change. BIG time.

This weekend's highs will be in the single digits, with possible wind chills of 30 below zero.

I prepared by running to the store to stock up on bird seed. I cleaned out a couple of the feeders really good and refilled them. I put out an extra plate of seed on the deck for the juncos and mourning doves, who prefer to stay low, and hung a couple seed bells in the tree. The woodpeckers prefer to hang out by the tree instead of in the finch/sparrow traffic by the deck. I also put out two suet cages in the tree, as Walmart finally stocked them! I've been meaning to buy them online, but hadn't gotten around to it.

Then I made up a couple peanut butter and seed acorns, and chopped up an apple for the starlings.

There's a lot of food out there, and I hope it's enough for the birds to stock up for this brutal weekend we're about to have. I'm glad my sick finch is inside safe and warm at Willowbrook instead of out in this. I think about her a lot and keep checking my mail for a post card from Willowbrook, announcing her fate. I hope she's OK.

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