Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unobstructed Hawk Goodness

Yesterday, I had probably the most unobstructed view of a hawk yet in my back yard. I'm tempted to launch into a soothing meditation a la birdchick - breathe in the hawk. Breathe out. But breathing in the hawk makes me feel all riled up and ready to fight, so I guess the hawk isn't a good meditative bird.

Young Cooper's Hawk

Young Cooper's Hawk

I also got a couple shots of the Downy Woodpecker. He's a little peeved that I haven't replaced the seed bell in the tree. I know, I know - I'll run out today and get some more! I know the colder weather is on its way. I've tried to tell him that there's suet closer to the house, but he just won't bite.

Downy close-up

I so prefer the green grass as a nice bokeh background versus snow. It's a lot easier to shoot sans snow cover. I'm sure we've still got some snow coming between now and March, though I've enjoyed this temporary break in the blinding whiteness.

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Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the close up of the Coopers Hawk. Your photos are amazing. I must blog about this site.