Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Something Strange

Something strange is going on with the birds this morning. Early in the morning as I slept, I could hear them chattering at the feeders outside my window. When I woke up around 9am, though, there was not a bird in sight. I figured there must have been a recent hawk fly-by.

It has been almost 2 hours, and 3 times the finches have come to the tree (and one time, the mourning doves). They flew in and sat at the very top of the tree, scanning the skies. Only one or two came near the feeders. Within a few minutes, they all flew away each time, most not bothering to eat.

I've scanned the yard and don't see any cats or hawks. There's one neighborhood cat that sometimes comes by, but even when he does, he hangs out in the brush and I've never seen him bother the birds. (I've seen them blatantly ignore the cat and go about their business). I see no signs of a hawk strike, so what is scaring the birds away?

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