Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pucker Face

The more I watch my backyard birds, the more I'm seeing their personalities come out.

This morning, I woke up a little earlier than usual to the sound of chirping outside my window. (Yes, 8:30am is early for me!) I've been meaning to wake up earlier to see if the crowd at the feeders is any different than the late morning crowd. Sure enough, I got to see a male and female American Goldfinch in the mix!

Here's the male, making himself right at home amongst the house finches:
Right at home

He even posed briefly for a shot, the dapper little guy:
American Goldfinch

The crowd gave me a laugh this morning. Last night when I refilled the feeders, I tossed half an apple out in the yard along with some bread scraps. There is a bunny that comes by every night, and I figured, maybe he'd like the apple since the starlings didn't eat much of it. The bunny didn't eat it, but when the starlings found it on the ground this morning instead of in the tray feeder, they went nuts! Wings were flappin' and beaks were squawkin'!

A couple of house sparrows, who had previously ignored the apple, saw the commotion and were suddenly interested. One crept up close to the starlings to see what all the fuss was about. In the frenzy to devour the apple, a tiny piece of apple flesh flew off of the apple and landed right in front of the sparrow. He cautiously bent down and pecked it up... and almost instantaneously, I swear I could see his little face pucker up as if he'd licked a lemon! He turned to his friend and seemed to shake his head no, and the two hopped away.

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