Sunday, February 10, 2008

The House Finches

The House Finches are still absent. There are 3 that visit daily now, down from the 24 that used to come every day. Two males and a female. I'm afraid the rest of their flock didn't make it. We had another deep-freeze last night, with a 50 degree drop in temps in a matter of hours. I've seen the three finches today, so they're still ok.

Canada Geese have taken their place. There were close to 150 geese on the pond yesterday. There are probably a hundred that spent the night on the ice island last night. Now, half of them are sleeping on the ice and half are up on the lawn of the golf course, foraging around and honking.

That's a lotta geese!
That's a lotta geese!

A Canada Goose reflects
A Canada Goose Reflects

Canada Geese

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dguzman said...

That second pic of the two geese ("airborn") could've been titled "Canada Goose reflects" also!