Saturday, February 2, 2008

FeederWatch Feb 1-2

Weather and Effort: February 1, 2008
When did you watch your feeders?
Day 1: morning
Day 2: morning afternoon
Estimated cumulative time: 1 to 4 hours
Daylight temperature: -9 to 0° C (15 to 32° F) low
-9 to 0° C (15 to 32° F) high
Daylight precipitation: Snow 1 to 3 hours
Total depth of ice/snow cover: 5 cm to 15 cm (2" to 6")

Checklist for FeederWatch Illinois Birds

Northern Harrier1
Cooper's Hawk1
Red-tailed Hawk1
Mourning Dove12
Downy Woodpecker1
European Starling7
American Tree Sparrow3
Song Sparrow1
White-crowned Sparrow1
Dark-eyed Junco22
House Finch5 (1 with eye disease)
House Sparrow14

1 comment:

April said...

Stunning bird photos! Especially the Great Horned Owl one. That is some big bird. The little junco is lovely, and yup, no juncos here. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.