Monday, November 26, 2007

My Review of EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Bird Bath Bowl

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Single piece construction easily attaches the EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Bird Bath Bowl to a railing. Heated or Non-Heated baths available.

Works great and the birds love it!

By Shelly from Lockport, IL on 11/26/2007


5out of 5

Pros: Sturdy, Easy to Install, Attractive Design, Attracts Birds

Best Uses: Backyard, Deck, Front Yard

Describe Yourself: Practical, bird lover

This product mounts and works as described. Its neutral color works well with my deck decor, and the shape of the bowl lip and texture of the material makes it easy for birds to use the bath to land on and stand on. My back yard birds are loving it! They drink from it and bathe in it. The heater keeps the water unfrozen but doesn't warm the water (ie. the water is still cool to the touch). I empty, wipe clean, and refill the bath every few days. It's easy to clean - just tip it over the side of the deck railing, wipe it down, and add fresh water. (Watch out for splashing water on your feet!)

The only problem I had installing it was because I misread the instructions. I tried to put the bowl onto the railing mount backwards, thinking the longer side was supposed to go into the latch hole. This made the bowl very unbalanced and unstable. When I re-read the directions, though, I realized I had installed the bowl backwards, and when I flipped the bowl around (so the short side inserted into the latch hole facing away from the deck and the long side faced in toward the deck), it fit perfectly and was completely stable.

We've had 2 pretty hefty wind storms (I live in Chicago!) and the bird bath did not budge, so I'm confident that it is completely sturdy and stable mounted on my deck ledge.

I couldn't be more pleased with this bird bath, especially for the price. I didn't have room in my small yard for a standing bird bath, so the deck railing mount was a fantastic find for me.

I'm certain that my bird friends will be thanking me all winter :)


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