Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Bird!

I've got a new bird in my yard today!

A black capped chickadee!

I've always wanted a chickadee :)

The cool thing about chickadees is that they always look fluffy and bouncy and happy. And they hide seeds all over the place and can remember thousands of hiding places. I saw this guy hide stuff in the brush in my back yard - so hopefully he'll be back!

Black capped chickadee

Black capped chickadee

I have really got to clean my windows and remove my screens! I'm missing good bird shots!!
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Amy said...

Hey, we just got our first Chickadee in our yard too! Hopefully yours came back - and ours too. Just found your blog and subscribed. Nice to see another Illinois blogging birder!

Shelly said...

Hi Amy! I've got a grand total of 3 chickadees now! They have taken to the sunflower seeds, stashing them in various nooks and crannies in the brush along the pond in my back yard. They're so quick and fun to watch! :) And, I love!!!!! :)